lions mane jellyfish

The Amazing Lion’s Mane Jellyfish

Encountering the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish We were recently lucky enough to spend a wonderful week in a beautiful quiet spot on the Isle of Skye. From our window we were incredibly fortunate to see Minke whale, sea eagles, otters, common seal and grey seal – bliss! One of our favourite encounters was with the beautiful […]

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seal pup and Mum

Encounters with Seal Pups

It’s the time of year for seal pups It’s all go for grey seals at the moment. The pupping season is drawing to a close but the seal pups are in a race against time to become sea-borne and fat before winter cold and storms can over-run their beaches or their strength. At the same […]

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children's leatherback turtle story book to colour

The Leatherback Turtle and Plastic Pollution

The Leatherback Turtle and Plastic Pollution Introducing Ruth the Luth – A story book to colour. Our first Story Book. We’ve just released  the first of our new Children’s T-shirts, the barrel jellyfish and the leatherback turtle. To accompany them we’ve created Ruth the Luth a story book to colour. It’s a story about how small actions […]

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hermit crab print

The Land of the Hermit Crab: Exploring Skomer’s Sea Floor

Hermit Crabs Here at Lifeforms Art we have a passion for hermit crabs and their amazing nomadic life. We were delighted to be contacted by Zoology Graduate Melanie Baker who has been studying the habitat of hermit crabs around Skomer Island. She has very kindly written a blog for us about her research. The Land […]

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Deep sea brittle star

Microplastics are eaten by creatures of the deep!

  We are delighted to have a guest blog by Marine Plastic Scientist Winnie Courtene-Jones. She tells us about her research into how micro plastics are reaching even the deep seas. Our latest T-shirt, the brittle star was created to help raise awareness of how echinoderms are being affected by plastics. Microplastics are eaten by […]

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a tribute to orcas

Call him Ishmael ……. A tribute to Orcas

Call him Ishmael… Just as our killer whale rises from the ocean, I have divided this article, loosely, into: sinking, rising emerging and zenithing to metaphorically explore a relationship with Orcinus orca. I grew up knowing them as killer whales, I liked that they were killers, and I tend to call them that. Many people […]

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curly the Curled octopus

Curly The Curled Octopus

Curly The Curled Octopus How Curly became our logo We have just produced a new batch of t-shirts, in response to comments from customers, featuring curly the curled octopus. In effect we have launched the lifeforms brand as a brand; not what we expected to do. Our aspirations were much more unassuming – an environmental message […]

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Northern Flights Art Cards

Cards, cards and more cards!

Cards, cards and more cards We’re heading towards that ‘most wonderful time of the year’ when our hearts are filled with thoughts of loved ones. The time when we ponder sending Christmas cards far and wide. This year we’ve launched our new range of cards as Voyager and Boomerang cards. The back of each card […]

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Festive events

Festive Events

Where to find Lifeforms Art The festive season will soon be upon us and we’ll be out and about at a few markets and festive events. This is just a quickie to let you know where to find us when! We’d love to see you so please come and say hello. Greenwich Market Jake will […]

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Art on T-shirts

My Grandfather, The Cavemen and Me!

Why we sell our Art on T-shirts? Art on T-shirts is the best way we can think of to raise awareness of the Natural World. We at Lifeforms are conservationists to the core. Whilst extinction is a natural phenomenon over millions of years, extinctions caused by human activity are a very different matter. Taken at […]

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