12 deer of Christmas - reindeer

The 12 Deer of Christmas

A celebration of Deer at Christmas time In Britain  Red (Cervus elaphus) – With tall spiky antlers, Britain’s largest native wild mammal. Adults never spotty.  Fallow (Dama dama) – With broad flattened antlers, introduced to Britain by the Roman’s or Normans. True wild fallow deer are rare in their native Turkey. Often spotty with a black and white M on their bottoms.  […]

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Festive evergreens

Festive Evergreens

‘Christian’ Plants that reconnect us with our pagan ancestors  A celebration of festive evergreens. To most people reading this, it’s the run up to Christmas, a time of merriment and celebration. Along with dutiful communications, fear of offence and panic shopping.   Here in north west Europe, religions have tied in with early seasonal traditions. We

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Reindeer mother and calf


Can Santa’s Reindeer save the Titanic world; the world as we knew it?– We think so  “History makes little sense without prehistory, and prehistory makes little sense without biology. Knowledge of prehistory and biology is increasing rapidly, bringing into focus how humanity originated and why a species like our own exists on this planet.”  Edward

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Talking turkey

Talking Turkey

All you ever need to know about Turkeys and much more! A Tale of Two Turkeys  It just so happens that I find myself working on two separate blogs about two separate birds with little, and yet also, somehow a lot, in common. Both found themselves on the stage that is human history but one

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on thin ice

On Thin Ice

Arctic Wildlife in the festive season Sing along with Bing… If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, then there’s no better start I know  Than to raise awareness… for Arctic Wildlife… in… their dwindling world of snow  [And if you’re worried about global warming, with no ice and rising seas  You might find solace… to

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