Sharks Colouring Book


Sharks Colouring Book

The sharks colouring book features seventeen shark species that might be found in British waters.

With 38 pages full of  shark facts and line drawings of sharks for you to colour. Each shark has a description of it’s colours in the wild so you can colour them accurately or you can go crazy and colour them however you’d like! Psychedelic sharks here we come!!

Discovering sharks

Colouring is a great way to relax for both children and adults, this is a great way to learn about sharks too.


Common hammerhead shark in the shark colouring book

The shark facts tell you all about where the sharks live, how big they are and lots more. There’s even a page all about egg cases too. How many sharks have egg cases? You’ll find out in this colouring book. Each colouring page features a line drawing of the featured shark and also a jaws poster style drawing of the head.

The book is a great accompaniment to the British Sharks or the Basking Shark T-shirts.

The colouring book is illustrated by Ian. It is A5 size and has nineteen colouring pages. The paper is thick at 170gsm so will take most pens

Your book will be sent to you in plastic free packaging by Royal Mail first class delivery.


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Sharks colouring bookSharks Colouring Book
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