A Garden Safari

Garden Safari

We know at the moment things are difficult for so many people. We’re in a situation none of us has ever experienced before, and let’s face it, it all feels weird!

Because of the lockdown we’re missing the beach, but that’s seems like such a minuscule sacrifice compared to what so many others are facing. We’re here sitting in our sunny garden, wondering if there’s any tiny part we can play to make things feel the smallest bit better.

Home School

Many people have been thrust into the wonderful world of home school. We just want to say that it’s ok! We home schooled our boys and we have all come out of the experience relatively unscathed. We found that formal lessons didn’t work for us, the boys always focused better on subjects that interested them. One thing we did find that worked was to ask them to go off and find out one new fact each day. This usually led to much more interest and research.

Over on our Facebook and instagram, we’re aiming to share one fun fact each day. Hopefully these facts will be a small way of learning something new each day.

We’ve also produced a free downloadable pdf about dolphins and porpoises. It’s full of facts and colouring sheets.

Garden Safari

We’re very fortunate here in Wales to have a garden. Because we can’t get to the beach at the moment, we thought it would be fun to do a safari in our garden. We’re aiming to do this by looking under stones and slabs and in muddy puddles to see what life is there. To make the safari more exciting, we’ve been looking at taxonomy, to see where the creatures in our garden relate to the creatures we’d find at the beach. Did you know octopus and garden snails are both molluscs?


I’m sure you know  that taxonomy is



We’ve found a mnemonic to help us remember – Kind People Can Often Find Garden Snails

taxonomy mnemonic



Most of the action will be going on over on instagram, we’d love you to join us there.

To get you started we’ve produced a PDF about Phyla, it’s an interesting way to find out about how the lifeforms in your garden (and anywhere else for that matter) are related to each other.

You can download the PDF’s below


Phyla – add your species

The Pdf’s look quite complicated, but if you colour them and follow the trails to the creature you’re studying, it all becomes clear(ish) We’ll be sharing how to use the Pdf over on Instagram. We’ll keep you posted as to what we find on our safari.

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