Art to Save the Planet

Adorning our homes with nature

Art to save the planet is a bit of a big ask. But never has our environment faced greater threats than it does today. We all need to take responsibility and play our part.

Our approach here at Lifeforms is both hands on Conservation and raising awareness of our fellow creatures. Nothing speaks more clearly than art.

Wearable Art

We launched with T-shirts, our aim to get the pictures out onto the streets. We’ve added notebooks to make the art portable and storybooks to connect with younger generations.

There will be more T-shirts, as we add to our collections we’ll create a new T-shirt to celebrate the collection. We’d love you to help us choose the image we use. Once the design is chosen you’ll be able to choose whether the art goes on a unisex T-shirt, a more fitted women’s style Tee or a children’s Tee. Sign up to our mailing list if you want to be the first to hear abut new designs – sign up! Each new design will be available to pre-order for a short period of time.

This year we’re going to be adding some fine art pieces for you to put on your cave walls!

Cave Art

The best representations of mammoths we have are from cave paintings of the living animals. With extinction rates higher than they have ever been, pictures may be all we have left of many species alive today.

We’ve created our first collection The Cephalopods, to share these wonderful creatures with you. Collections coming soon will take you to the wild patch in the garden, off to the Estuary and then back under the sea to visit the jellyfish.

We hope you’ll want to adorn your cave walls with the wonders of nature. To speak up for nature and share the importance of protecting this beautiful planet of ours.

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