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Minke Whale T-shirt

The Minke Whale T-shirt is made from 100% soft organic cotton, in a natural white colour, it’s Fair Wear Certified

Also known as the Little Piked Whale, the Minke Whale is the most common Baleen Whale seen in British waters. They are considered to be shy but some have been known to approach boats inquisitively.

The Minke Whale is the most widely hunted species in our oceans. According to the Greenpeace website

  • Minke whales continue to be threatened by commercial and “scientific” whaling. Commercial whaling was banned by international law in 1986.
  • Pollution and climate change also pose a threat to the minke whale’s habitat. Scientists think that a sharp contraction in sea ice in the Antarctic due to global warming is the likeliest explanation for the population of minke whales being cut in half in less than a decade.

The art work is from an original by Ian Hughes. In December 2015 a Minke Whale washed ashore at Ynylas where the River Dyfi meets the sea. It was awe inspiring and humbling to pay respect to such a giant beauty in the cold and dark of a welsh winter evening. This picture is our homage to that fallen nomad.


T- shirts are a standard fit, available in

  • Small  – chest 96cm
  • Medium – chest 102cm
  • Large – chest 108cm
  • XL – chest 114cm

Take a look at the size chart here

They are machine washable at 30°c

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