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More art than fashion

We started Lifeforms Art as an extension of our conservation work. We were looking for a way to spread the word about how amazing nature is and how we can all play a part in conservation.

Initially, we looked at making 3 dimensional models/sculptures, like the ones Ian used to make for zoos and museums (have you seen the dodo at Chester zoo or the elephant at Dudley zoo?) But we thought 2d art was more accessible to everyone.

Then we had a lightbulb moment – T-shirts! What better way is there to show your love for the planet and the creatures we share it with than showing it to the world on your t-shirt.

A voice for nature

‘Is that a penguin on your T-shirt?’

“No, it’s a Great Auk, did you know that the great auk became extinct in 1844?”

“Did you know that the Great Auk was the first bird to be called penguin – possibly meaning white head?”

These are the conversations we’d love you to have when you’re wearing your Lifeforms Art T-shirt, you are the voice for nature.

No to fast fashion

In the last twenty years the fashion industry has changed. There has been a rapid speed up of trend cycles, clothes shopping has become a weekly event for many, with items being worn once or twice before being cast aside for the next trend.

This has resulted in cheaply made ‘of the moment’ pieces

Production is fast

Turnover is fast

Delivery is fast

Disposal is fast!

The average person buys 60% more clothing than they did 15 years ago, 60% that’s huge!

Environmental impact

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry on the planet. Second only to the oil industry. Because of the speed of production, corners are cut and the cheapest textiles and dyes are used.

No to fast fashion

Because we’re buying more, more and more clothes are disposed of by both consumers and producers. Synthetic garments are not bio-degradable so all of these items are either burned or go to landfill.

No to fast fashion

Celebrating nature

Our t-shirts are a celebration of nature, using accurate depictions of exquisite creatures, all hand drawn.

The idea of producing products which add to land fill and pollute the planet in any way fills us with absolute horror.

Who made my clothes?

Another thing that was massively important to us when we looked at printing our art onto T-shirts is how the T-shirts are made.

We did a lot of research about the products we use, these are the links to our suppliers, if you’d like to read more about their ethical credentials

Stanley Stella

Earth Positive

Getting it right?

We’ve always ordered each design in small numbers to avoid waste, but this has resulted in some sizes running out quickly and others sitting on our shelves. There is no way of knowing the right sizes to buy.

And so to a new system

So we’ve decided on a new plan…

Our T-shirts will now be printed to order, this will mean no waste and no running out of certain sizes.

It also means that we can offer more designs.

It will mean that you’ll have to wait a little bit longer to get your T-shirt (or sweatshirt – coming soon) up to 10 days. But hopefully it’s worth it.

A quick note about fabrics

Our T-shirts are all organic cotton, you can read more about that here. We are introducing sweatshirts to our range in the coming weeks. Our research for eco-friendly offerings met with an issue that bothered us a little. Most eco friendly sweatshirts are 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester. Recycling fabrics is a great idea, but our concern is, that 15% polyester in the garment will shed microfibres each time it’s washed and it will never biodegrade. We asked our audience on instagram and they too were concerned about these issues.

But after much research we’re delighted to say we have found a 100% organic cotton sweatshirt to print our art onto and they’ll be available very soon.

Thank you

And to finish – just a massive thank you for supporting our family business and helping us to get the word out there, that nature is amazing and worth celebrating every day,

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