Cards, cards and more cards!

Cards, cards and more cards

We’re heading towards that ‘most wonderful time of the year’ when our hearts are filled with thoughts of loved ones. The time when we ponder sending Christmas cards far and wide.

This year we’ve launched our new range of cards as Voyager and Boomerang cards. The back of each card explains that they are re-sendable. The idea is that they go back and forth between recipients for many years, the purpose being that we cut our emissions but still maintain the tradition of a written message. One card can become a memento of love and memories through the years.

The Artic Life cards feature Orca, polar bears and reindeer.

The Northern Flights cards feature animals whose migration is being affected by global warming.

The On Thin Ice cards feature a melting polar bear footprint, as a window through to Arctic Ocean beneath.

The Protect the Artic cards are intended to be a little thought provoking when thinking of Christmas, climate change and the materialistic side of the festive season.

The illustrations on the cards all emphasise the tenuous existence of Arctic Life in the face of climate change.

We are all responsible!

This video tells just a little more of the idea behind the cards




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