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scarlet malachite beetle

Lifeforms Art and the Conservation of the Scarlet Malachite Beetle

The Scarlet Malachite Beetle What Is The Scarlet Malachite Beetle? Flighty and small with red and metallic green colouring, the scarlet malachite beetle is one of Britain’s rarest and most threatened insects. It is about 1cm long and visits flowers and grass heads from late April to July. Opening its delicate red wing-cases, it unfurls […]

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steller's sea cow

Steller’s Sea Cow – A story of Extinction

It’s too late for the Steller’s Sea Cow… I guess that’s its message. Whilst many people, most of them sailors, saw, hunted and tasted Steller’s sea cow, it bears the name Steller simply because Georg Wilhelm Steller was the only person to describe the animal and its ecology scientifically. Related to the much smaller tropical […]

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Conservation in action

Conservation in Action

Lifeforms Conservation We’d like to give you a brief introduction to the conservation projects that Lifeforms have been involved with in the past and those we’re working on at the moment. We’ve been directly involved in the conservation of threatened species for over 20 years. We’ve worked with species such as;  distinguished jumping spiders, fairy […]

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