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Earth Day

Earth Day 2019 – Protect Our Species


In nature, nothing exists alone.”
— Rachel Carson, 1962


Human activity is causing the greatest rate of extinction of species in the world since the loss of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. All living things have an intrinsic value, and we urgently need to act now to protect our threatened and endangered species.

The Earth Day Network ( a non-profit organisation with a mission to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide.

This year, the Earth Day Network is asking people around the globe to join its campaign to Protect Our Species.


Actions you can take to Protect Our Species on Earth Day

There are many steps that you can take individually that will help to protect our species. You can choose to Go Green with these Earth Day tips are also other practical steps you can take on the Earth Day Network’s website (

Protect our species and win on Earth Day!

The theme for Earth Day this year, on Monday 22ndApril, is “Protect Our Species”. To raise awareness of this we are taking part in two giveaways.

Firstly, 7 eco conscious businesses are collaborating for a giveaway competition. One lucky winner will receive an amazing prize worth over $300!

The collaborating enterprises in this giveaway competition have something special in common. That is, they all regularly donate to wildlife conservation charities.

Meet our collaborators


Billie Hardy Creative (

Lara of Billie Hardy Creative combines eye for detail, and an exceptional knowledge and experience to offer an organic, personal approach to any graphic design project. Billie Hardy Creative also has a beautiful range of Bohemian / Indie style art cards, stationary and fabric wares. Billie Hardy Creative supports wildlife charities Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary and Raptor Care North West.


Eco Patch (

Eco Patch is a homegrown business nestled amongst the grapevines in the Barossa Valley, South Australia. The business has been born from a passion for the environment and a fondness for creating reusable handmade fabric items such as beeswax food wraps and bags. Eco Patch will soon become an ongoing sponsor of Devil Ark. They have also donated to ZoosSA and World Wildlife Fund.


Goodwill Wine (

Goodwill Wine is a social enterprise driven by the belief that drinking good wine might change the world. They donate 50% of their profits from the sale of good quality wines to charity. They have supported over 300 charities including many wildlife conservation charities.


Lifeforms Art (

Lifeforms Art produces original artwork on ethically sourced T-shirts, notebooks and more, promoting conservation and giving a voice to nature. We support #2minutebeachclean and Freshwater Habitats Trust.


Lil’ Creatures (

Lil’ Creatures designs and sells thoughtful unique gifts, baby outfits and accessories for the ones you love – high quality, safe and beautifully presented. Perfect for New Baby Gifts and Baby Shower Gifts! Lil’ Creatures supports the Australian Koala Foundation through an adopted koala doe called Willow as well as donation a portion of profits from sales.


Mornington Sea Glass (

Mornington Sea Glass was founded by Amanda Hilditch, an Australian designer with a passion for the marine environment. With a background in research, a sea-change to the Mornington Peninsula inspired her to combine her love for the ocean, interest in research and enjoyment of being a part of a thriving handmade community in the region. Their jewellery is a keepsake of the ocean or seaside to have with you always. Mornington Sea Glass regularly donates from their jewellery sales to Dolphin Research Institute’s ‘Adopt-a-Dolphin Program’.


Two-Winged Fruit (

Two-Winged Fruit’s soap, skin care and hair care range is certified palm oil free, meaning that their products do not harm orangutans or rainforests. Their luxurious products are 100% natural and feature organic, locally grown and Australian native ingredients. Two-Winged Fruit supports the Orangutan Foundation International Australia and Rainforest Rescue.


Earth Day Instagram Competition


Enter the Earth Day Instagram competition for the chance to win an amazing prize. Each of our collaborators has made a beautiful contribution to make up this prize worth over $300!

  • Bohemian Elephant Art Print – Billie Hardy Creative
  • Triple pack of Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps with Australian Native Birds prints – Eco Patch
  • Wine Gift Pack with Coonawarra Sauvignon Blanc 2016 and Bendigo Shiraz 2015 – Goodwill Wine
  • 25GBP Gift Voucher – Lifeforms Art
  • Koala Hat (size 6-Adult) – Lil’ Creatures
  • Starfish Rockpool Pendant – Mornington Sea Glass
  • Nerolina & Hemp Shampoo, Lemon Myrtle & Kunzea Deodorant and Aloe Vera & Macadamia Hand & Body Lotion – Two-Winged Fruit


This competition is only open to Australian residents

Image by @billiehardycreative_design




Lifeforms Art Giveaway

We are also hosting our own give away on both Facebook and Instagram, which is open to worldwide entry. We’re offering a set of our extinction awareness pocket notebooks featuring the beautiful Great Auk and the magnificent Steller’s seacow.

Here are some more suggested actions to protect species

  • Directly support and promote species conservation programmes wherever possible
  • Promote wildlife to children and in your local school and interest centres wherever there is a possibility. You don’t have to be an expert to do this. Experts are often intimidating and nobody knows everything. You can make a difference with enthusiasm and a willingness to work and learn.
  • Think about and research the consequences of your own actions BEFORE you act and buy.
  • Dispose of all goods carefully and responsibly. Remember, even re-cycling is an industrial process so if you find an environmentally friendlier way to do anything, do it that way. Otherwise, re-cycle everything recyclable and refuse non-biodegradable or non-recyclable products. This philosophy applies from the foods you buy to the paints you use for decorating and the furniture you choose. Every action has an environmental consequence and you can make a difference to your World, your time and the people and wildlife around you.
  • Promote and support healthy eco-systems wherever possible, to prevent the fragmentation of larger habitats into smaller ones. Lobby against developments which are environmentally damaging, support those which are benign or beneficial.
  • If you have a garden try to establish the greatest diversity of plants and habitats that are suitable for your local area and try to establish a year round nectar and pollen supply for insects. Continuity of food supply is very important.
  • Where appropriate, include a safe pond. Take a look at the Freshwater Habitat Trusts advice here
  • Create a composting area so you can dispose of most of your own compostables. Cardboard is excellent for wormeries.
  • Reduce or eliminate the use of fossil fuels wherever you see a possibility. Try to improve and enjoy your own neighbourhood and travel less – airports have a huge carbon footprint.
  • Put on a hat or jumper before putting on the heating.
  • Reduce and eliminate any products that you do not actually need if you know it has an environmental impact or don’t know that it doesn’t. This may seem like a big ask, to give up luxuries but our ancestors managed without most of the things we take for granted today. E.g. Mobile phones are a threat to gorillas, look it up.
  • Conserve water wherever possible by not flushing the toilet with every single use, by not leaving taps or hose pipes running, by sharing baths and showers, and washing clothes only when necessary and by reducing or eliminating chemical additives to any water you use. Water is precious, most of it ends up in rivers or sea and most of what we use is pumped mechanically at some point in the cycle.
  • Reduce or eliminate your meat intake. Whilst healthy low intensity pasture is good for wildlife many meats are produced by intensive farming with severe environmental consequences.
  • Try to buy only local foods or at least those whose ethical provenance you are certain of.


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