Swimming Jellyfish T-Shirt


Swimming Jellyfish T-shirt

The Swimming Jellyfish T-shirt a celebration of the often overlooked beauty of the barrel jellyfish. As always the T-shirts are 100% super soft organic cotton, hand printed with an image of the barrel jellyfish in motion. This would make perfect gift for sea swimmers.

The Art

Arguably Britain’s largest invertebrate the barrel jellyfish is often seen washed up on beaches, but is best viewed when it’s swimming in the water. You can often get a stunning view of them from high up on cliffs and piers.

Barrel jellyfish are harmless to humans and are among the most beautiful, beguiling beings in the sea. The life cycle is fascinating as their larvae (planulae) settle on surfaces and live like sea anemones (polyps) before ‘budding-off’ into many clones (ephyra) and swimming away to become the form we know, the medusa stage, a jellyfish. You can find out more about their fascinating life cycle in Nelly The Jellyfish – not just for kids 🙂

The art work is from an original by Ian. Originally drawn for the Jellyfish nature discovery book, to describe the pulsating movement of the the dome or bell of the jellyfish as they swim. The image is printed onto the back of the T-shirt, with “Lifeforms” printed on the front. If you’d like us to print it on the front for you, just send us a message.

The T-shirt

The T-shirts are made from 100% beautifully soft organic cotton. They’re vegan certified.

Printed with planet friendly white water based ink on a sky blue T-shirt.

We will hand print your T-shirt to order, here in Ceredigion. We only use water based inks, which adds to the softness of the swimming jellyfish shirt and also means you can iron over the design.

Please allow up to six days for us to print your T-shirt and get it ready to post.

T-shirt Sizes

T- shirts are a standard unisex fit, Ben is 6ft and wearing the large. Please note, not all colours are available in all sizes.

T-shirt size guide Lifeforms Art

They are machine washable at 30°c, tumble drying is not recommended.


Please allow up to six days for us to print your T-shirt for you.

All T-shirts are delivered in plastic free packaging.

Free UK delivery for orders over £40

If there are any problems with your T-shirt, you can return it to us in original condition within 14 days for an exchange or full refund.




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Organic cotton T-shirt, hand printed with original art of the barrel jellyfish in motionSwimming Jellyfish T-Shirt
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